Piping Hot

By Various Artists

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There is some good music on this collection. Some of the sets are more modern, but there is some good Seamus Ennis and Tommy Reck, as well as the Tannahill Weavers and Patrick Street. Jerry O’Sullivan’s playing of Colonel Fraser is especially impressive.

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Thought I would just add that in case anyone out there is not familiar with these compilations, Piping Hot is one of the compilation albums called "Celtophile" that Green Linnet released (must have been some time ago). There’s a bunch of them in the series (Gentle Breeze, The Big Squeeze, etc.). Say what you want about their business practices, but I found these CDs very useful when I was starting to get into Irish music. The music on the CDs is of course still lovely and I still listen to them on occasion, but I now own many of the CDs used to make the compilations. I also found these CDs tend to be less expensive in the stores, so that was (and always is) nice.

Jerry O’Sullivan’s playing of Colonel Fraser is awesome! I like these Celtophile albums a lot too. I have 4 of them and they are very useful if you want to find out what more bands are like without buying all of their albums. I do wish that Green Linnet wouldn’t do it behind the artists’ backs, though.