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By John and Tim Lyons

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Re: John & Tim Lyons

Recorded in a cottage in Clare in 2012 and subsequently released by Veteran that same year, this excellent album features the two Cork city brothers John (1933-2019) and Tim (1937-2019). The CD’s well worth acquiring not only for the quality of the brothers’ singing , both solo and together, but also for some tunes from John on the concertina in the company of his children Aisling (harp and concertina) and Seán (whistle and uilleann pipes). John Howson’s comprehensive biographical and song notes are a boon too.

Re. the instrumental tracks.

4) These are two slides, the first from, the Teelin, Domegal fiddler Con Cassidy and the second from the fiddler Jim McQueeney who was a member of the Kilfenora CB in the 1920s. Since neither Donegal nor Clare has a history of slide-playing, these probably began life as single jigs.

11) The first barmdance is by Ed Reavy and the second by Danny Meehan.

13) Both polkas come from the playing of the Clifford family.

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