Accordion Tunes … Just The Tunes

By Various Artists

  1. A Ewe Came To My Door
    Campbell’s Farewell To Redcastle
    Bell Island March
  2. The Portugese Waltzes
  3. Buttons In The Wind
  4. Terrain
    Silver Bells
  5. The Jolly Tinker
    The Old Pigeon On The Gate
    The Musical Priest
  6. Running The Goat
    Round Old Ruby’s Garden
    She Said She Couldn’t Dance
    Final Goat Tune
  7. Maid Behind The Bar
    Pidgeon On The Gate
  8. Buffet Double
    Lake St. John
    Off Go Those St. John’s Girls
  9. Fighting ‘59
  10. The Hundred Pipers
  11. Fisherman’s Favourite
    The Boys Of Blue Hill
  12. Smash The Window
    Geese In The Bog
    Mike Bennett’s Tune
    Dirty Dirt Out
  13. Frank Maher’s Tune
    John Mckenna’s

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Various Artists - Accordion Tunes … Just The Tunes

2009 album, from various Newfoundland accordionists.

Available on iTunes, CDBaby and Fred’s Records:

Track listing:
1) Bob Hallett
2) Art Stoyles
3) Mark Hiscock
4) Bernard Felix
5) Graham Wells
6) Frank Maher
7) The R.O.S.S. Ceiligh Band
8) Shanneyganock
9) Harry Hibbs
10) Ray Walsh
11) The Government Rams
12) Vince Collins
13) Allan Ricketts

Bob Hallett’s set was a new recording for this album.