The Crew O’ the Copenhagen

By Brian McNeill with Drones & Bellows

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  1. The Crew o’ the Copenhagen
  2. The Quayside
    Reel Jacqueline
    The Morpeth Rant
  3. The Silver Darlin’s
  4. Eel Mountain
  5. Bogie’s Bonnie Belle
    A Scare o’ Tatties
    Pipe-Major John D. Burgess
  6. Only the Devil Knows the Answer
  7. The Heron
    O’Carolan’s Draught
  8. Traveller’s Moon
  9. Longing for Spring
    Narcissus Jig
    Oswald’s Strathspey
  10. Seacoalers
  11. My Home Eilean
    There was a Lad was Born in Kyle
    The Banshee