By Old Blind Dogs

  1. Is There For Honest Poverty? (For A’ That)
    Gan Ainm
    Jenny Dang The Weaver
  2. Come A’ Ye Kincardine Lads
  3. Much Better Now
    Bear Dance
    Alex MacDonald
    An Gun’s T-Apron
  4. Tramps And Hawkers
    The Elevator
  5. The Pearl Wedding
    The Country Girl And The Hungarian Fiddler
  6. Sky City
    Lovely Basket Of Nice-Smelling Flowers
  7. Rere’s Hill
  8. Sweet Molly
    The Periwig
    The Rejected Suitor
  9. Awa’ Whigs Awa’
  10. Cuilfhionn
  11. The Black-Haired Lad
    The Bedding Of The Bride
    Ruidhle Mo Nighean Donn
    Same As A
  12. Tatties And Herrin’

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Great recording, Rory Campbell is brilliant on the border pipes and low whistle, check out the instrumental break on "Tramps and Hawkers."

Essential "Modern Celtic" music.

I just know Rory Campbell through the recordings of Deah Shepherd. That’s also a great Scottish band.

That should be *Deaf* Sheperd.

Deaf Shepherd

That should be "Deaf Shepherd".

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Thanks Kenny for the correction. I left out too many "h"s.

I’m thinking about other popular young Scottish pipers. Finlay MacDonald? Fred Morrison?

Rory Campbell’s whistle

Does anyone know what make of low whistle is it that Rory plays? I was lucky enough to be at a very small concert of theirs recently and have been absolutely inspired by him.

Re Rory Campbell’s whistles

Rory plays Overton whistles. We saw them in Perth, Scotland this year and I think I spent the whole evening watching him - we were very close to the front. Absolutely fantastic! Managed to have a few words with him afterwards too,

Name of Tune after "Is There For Honest Poverty?"

Anybody know the name of the tune that follows the song on the first track, "Is There For Honest Poverty?" I actually asked Rory Campbell and he said he couldn’t remember the name, but it was in the liner notes of the CD. But it’s not there :(

If I remember correctly it is the tune "Jenny Dang the Weaver."

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