The Pipers’ Gathering 2016, Vol. 1

By Pipers Gathering

  1. Briogais Dhubh (The Black Breeks)
    Gillie Calum
    Devil In The Kitchen
    Am Bodach A Mhill Anna (High Road To Linton)
    Sleepy Maggie
  2. Paddy Cronin’s
    My Former Wife
    The Road South West
  3. Till The Tide Comes In
    Prudoe Mill
    Oh Dear, What Can The Matter Be
  4. The Gracious Fair Lady
    Sporting Paddy
    The Blacksmith
  5. The Foxchase
  6. Caoineadh Na DTrí Muire
    The Last Pint
    The Lochaber Badger
    Rip The Calico
  7. 12-16 Two Step
    The Lonesome
    The Rolling Wave
  8. Lasse I Lyby
  9. The Diplodocus
    The Strayaway Child
    Margaret Barry
  10. The Drunken Landlady
    The Broken Pledge
    Matt Peoples
  11. Sarah’s Song
    An T-Amadan Gòrach
    Up Wi’ Eli Eli
    Go To Berwick Johnnie
  12. Song Of The Chanter
  13. Bruthaichean Ghlinn’-Braon (The Braes Of Glen Broom)
    An T-Eilean Muileach (The Isle Of Mull)
    Chan Eil Mo Leannan Ann An Seo (My Sweetheart Is Not Here)
  14. Ceann Traigh Ghruinneart (The Head Of Gruinart Sands)
    Fraoch A Ronaigh (Heather From Rona)
  15. Sad The Parting
    The Fiddler
    Miss Stewart’s
  16. The Humours Of Whiskey
    Huidi Gallagher’s 1
    Huidi Gallagher’s 2

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Re: The Pipers’ Gathering 2016, Vol. 1

Track 1- Barry Shears (Scottish Smallpipes)
Track 2- Benedict Koehler ( Uilleann Pipes)
Track 3- Bill Wakefield (Northumbrian Smallpipes)
Track 4- Brian McNamara, Benedict Koehler (Uilleann Pipes) & Hilari Farrington (Harp)
Track 5- Brian McNamara (Uilleann Pipes)
Tracks 6 & 7- Chris Gray (Uilleann Pipes), Owen Marshall (Guitar) & Jim Gray (Cajon)
Track 8- Chris Gray (Uilleann Pipes) & Owen Marshall (Guitar)
Track 9- Dan Foster (Fiddle), Will Woodson (Flute) & Owen Marshall (Guitar)
Track 10- Dan Foster (Fiddle) & Will Woodson (Flute)
Track 11 & 12- Iain Maclnnes (Scottish Smallpipes)
Track 13 & 14- Laura Mackenzie (Whistle and Vocal)
Track 15- Will Woodson (Border Pipes) & Owen Marshall (Guitar)
Track 16- Will Woodson (Border Pipes), Owen Marshall (Guitar) & Dan Foster (Fiddle)