The Piping Centre 1997 Recital Series - Volume 4

By Ian Duncan & Roddy MacLeod

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  1. Braemar Gathering
    John D Burgess
    Miss Lily Christie
  2. Highland Wedding
    Tulloch Castle
    John Morrison Of Assynt House
  3. The Ground Of The Lament For The Union
  4. I’ll Gang Nae Mair By Yon Toon
    Mount Stewart House
    The Lovat Scouts
    Dornoch Links
    Glengarry’s March
    The Man At The Loom
  5. Erwan Ropers Air
    The Man From Skye
    Crossing The Minch
  6. The Earl Of Seaforth’s Salute
  7. General Hunt’s Welcome To The Queen’s Own Highlanders
    Mrs Donald MacLean
    John MacKenzie’s Farewell To Strathglass
  8. Fraser’s Lullaby
    The Bird’s Nest
    The Wedding
    The Gormandiser
    Brenda Stubbert’s
    The Old Grey Lady Of Raasay
    Callum MacKay’s
    The Cape Breton
  9. Jim Tweedie’s Sea Legs
    Donnie MacGregor
    Jimmy MacGregor
    The Broken Chanter
  10. The Braes Of Brecklet
    Charlie’s Welcome
  11. Craig A Bhodich
    The Strathspey King
    The Fiddler’s Joy
    Irish Traditional
    A Cup Of Tea
    Sleepy Maggie
    The Reel Of Tulloch
  12. I’m Longing For You
    Alec MacDonald
    Brae Riach
    David Ross
    The Braes Of Mellinish