The Piping Centre 1998 Recital Series - Volume 2

By Allan MacDonald & Gordon Walker

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  1. Dunvegan Castle
    Piper’s Farewell To Whisky
    Nell Flaherty’s Drake
    The Rock And The Wee Pickle Tow
  2. Duncan MacRae Of Kintail’s Lament
    March Of The King Of Laoise
  3. Mary Weep For Me No More
    Willie Cameron
    Sandy McNab
  4. Se Do Thurus A’ Mhicheil
    Thug An Duine Truagh Mi
    Tha Fionnlagh Ag Innearach
    Out The Door And Over The Wall
  5. Pipe Major Angus MacDonald
    Shores Of Lough Leane
  6. Donald Archie MacDonald
    The Successful Lover
  7. Sad The Parting
    Dr John MacInnes
    Dr Flora MacAuley
  8. Up And Waur Them A’ Willie
    MacKay’s Farewell To The 71st
    I’ll Gang Nae Mair Tae Yon Toon
    PM Wm Ross’s Farewell To The 2nd Battalion SG
  9. Balmoral Castle
    Cutty’s Wedding
    Mac An Irish
    Chrissie Macleod
    Molly On The Shore
    The Brolum
    Jack Daniel’s
  10. The Argyllshire Gathering
    The Abercairney Highlanders
  11. The Shepherd’s Crook
    Maggie Cameron
    Miss Proud
    The Sheepwife
  12. The Knightswood Ceilidh
    John Roy Stewart
    The Smith Of Chilliechassie
  13. Tom Keldies Birthday
    The Maclennans Of Croy
    Captain Horne
    SF MacKenzie Esq Of Garrynahine, Stornoway
    Cheerful Tam
    Kenneth Mhor
    Marion & Donald
    Sleepy Maggie
    The Maid Behind The Bar
    Jenny Dang The Weaver
  14. The Drunken Ghost
    The Miserable Piper Of Dundee
    Granny Duncan
    May Nickerson’s Fancy