To an Isle in the Water

By Brisk

  1. Shetland Turtle
    Gan Ainm
  2. Shy One
  3. Goldies
    Gan Ainm
    The Roaring Barmaid
  4. Sofie’s
  5. El Sympatico
  6. Sheriffmuir
  7. Gan Ainm
    Gan Ainm
    The Cocus
  8. Emmett’s Hedgehog
    Marnix’ Tune
    The Spotted Dog
  9. Dans Loudieg
    Rond De Loudéac
  10. Home Ruler
    Off To California
    Gan Ainm
  11. Leave Her, Johnny

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Re: To an Isle in the Water


Brisk is a brand new quartet of established musicians in the Belgian folkmusic scene, that focuses on Anglo-Saxon and Breton music. It’s no coincidence that Gunnar Van Hove (Irish flute and whistles) and Jeroen Knapen (guitar) are part of the group. A few years ago they performed as DAOU at Zilleghem Folk, M‘eire Morough, ’t Ey …

Gunnar met the ever sympathetic Wim Moons in the group Moragh. For over 20 years Wim is very much at home in the inland Celtic music scene. He performed as a singer and bodhránplayer with various bands at home and abroad.

Naomi Vercauteren is a specialist in Irish fiddle music and makes the sound complete. She graduated from the Conservatory of Ghent where her thesis elaborated bowing styles in Irish folk music. Along with her charm she also brings sparkling fiddle playing!

This band brings energetic music!

Re: To an Isle in the Water

I don’t know the name of all tunes, feel free to add what you know!

Brisk - To An Isle In The Water

Their website:

Review available at The Living Tradition:

Which provides a bit of extra information. Summary of that:

They focus on Celtic, Anglo-Saxon, and Breton music. Some of the tunes are their own compositions, and some of their influences are Irish musicians such as Brian Finnegan, Niall Vallely, and, bands such as Flook, Nomos and Buille.

They are:
- Gunner Van Hove (flute)
- Jeroen Knapen (guitar/vocals)
- Wim Moons (percussion)
- Naomi Vercauteren (fiddle)