Shatter The Calm

By Dan Beimborn

  1. Sliabh Russell
    Peter Barnes
    Indian Summer
  2. The Eagle’s Whistle
    John Stenson’s No 2
    The Earl’s Chair
  3. Midnight On The Water
    Whiskey Before Breakfast
  4. The Hearty Boys Of Ballymote
    Dan Collins’ Father’s
    Con Cassidy’s
  5. The Finnish
  6. The Battle March Medley
  7. Stirling Castle
    The Shetland Fiddler
  8. Jackson’s Morning Brush
    I Buried My Wife And Danced On Top Of Her
  9. The Hanged Man’s
  10. Let Down The Blade
  11. Sonny’s
    Tommy Peoples’
    The Glenties
  12. The Mason’s Apron
    Tam Lin
    The Banjo
  13. Aires De Pontevedra
  14. Shanne Bradley

Four comments

Incendiary stuff …

A powerhouse mandolinist/zouk player (plus a few other instruments in the mix), Beimborn makes music that has you wondering “how the hell did he do that?”.

Available via

A fabulous debut by ‘zouk phenom Dan Biemborn, ably accompanied by the ubiquitous Zan McLeod & Paul Kotapish (Kevin Burke sideman). A lot of tasty tunes on here but a few stand out for me: “The Earls’ Chair” hasn’t sounded the same for me since I heard Dan’s take. So much oomph! The polka set is tasty as is the lone banjo track on the album which starts with a nice variation on the “Mason’s Apron”. Recommended for all plucked string players.

As a bonus, Dan has included pix of the instruments in the liner notes and identified which axe is featured on each track. For the curious, one can compare Sobells vs. Steve Smiths vs. antique Gibsons to help you decide which one(s) you’d like to have…

Con Cassidy’s

I added my jig setting of this tune to my uploads here, the one linked at the moment is a reel and not on the disk 🙂

Re: Shatter The Calm

Dan is very generously making this album availble for free (for non-commercial use):

"I decided to post this CD of mine up on the internet for free
download in February 2021. Please have a listen to the tracks and enjoy! I ask that you don’t use these in any commercial releases without asking permission, but I’ll warn you that I am easily convinced.

This was my first CD, recorded at Fringe Studios by Jerremy Holland. Jerremy was a great friend when I lived in California- he was extremely generous to record me in his home studio over many nights. The luxury of time he gave me helped me to sharpen the quality of my playing and produce some enjoyable sounds- his kindness really helped to kick my playing up a notch and has fanned the flames of a passion that has burned since those days in the early 2000s.

I also had the chance to work with several of my own musical heroes- Zan McLeod and Paul Kotapish’s guitar tracks really brought this up a notch from obviously amateur to somewhat-concealed amateur!

As we roll into the 6th month of Covid-19 lockdown here in England, I’m thinking it’s probably time to lay down some new tracks. If you happen to download this and enjoy it, let me know which bits are your favorites and I’ll try to do more like that nearly 20 years later 🙂"

Thank you, Dan!