Salt Of The Earth

By The Celtic Fiddlers

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The Celtic Fiddlers - Salt Of The Earth

2009 album.

Newfoundland, Irish, and Scottish music.

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Available at Fred’s Records:

Tune composers and album info available at Discogs (note, Centennial Highway Reel is one of Rufus Guinchard’s tunes, not traditional):

On this album:
- Andrew Fitzgerald (fiddle/bodhran)
- Jamie Wilkinson (guitar/bass/drums/percussion)
- Jessica Croucher (fiddle/bodhran)
- Keirsten Maloney (fiddle/bodhran)
- Aimee Richard (fiddle/bodhran/piano)
- Robyn Peddle (vocals/bodhran/piano)
- Danny Mills (whistle/flute/bouzouki/guitar)
- Elizabeth Shallow (fiddle/bodhran)
- Cathy Fowler (fiddle/piano)
- Brittany Pike (fiddle/piano/bodhran/vocals)
- Todd Neary (bass)
- Brian Kenny (mandolin/mandola/bodhran/piano)
- Julia Bowdring (fiddle/bodhran/piano)
- Maria Peddle (vocals/fiddle)
- Korona Brophy (fiddle/cello/piano)
- Gillian Skinner (fiddle)
- Anthony Chafe (mandolin/bodhran/guitar)

The album is a tribute to Robyn, who passed in 2009.