The Sea In Our Eyes

By The Celtic Fiddlers

  1. O’r The Moor Among The Heather
  2. The Boys Of Bluehill
    Newfoundland Spring
    Drowsy Maggie
    The Banshee
  3. Fisherman’s Favourite (Harvest Home)
  4. Haste To The Wedding
    The Kesh
  5. Rubber Boots
    Star Of Logy Bay
    Molly Bawn
  6. Memory (Waltz)
  7. The Kissing Dance
    Around The House
    Red Island Tune
    The Kissing Dance (Repeated)
  8. Devil’s Dream
    Billy Peddle (Soldier’s Joy)
  9. Bridgett’s
    Jim Hodder’s
  10. Song For Roger
  11. Gypsy (Reel)
  12. Harbour Deep Tune
    All Around Aunt Ruby’s Garden
    She Said She Couldn’t Dance
    Bill Sullivan’s
  13. Johnny Hamlin’s Breakdown
    Gan Ainm
  14. Bridget O’Malley

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The Celtic Fiddlers - The Sea In Our Eyes

2004 album.

Their website:

Available at Fred’s Records:

Some tune composer info:
- Memory Waltz (Dave Panting)
- Bridgett’s & Jim Hodder’s (Emile Benoit)
- Song For Roger (Korona Brophy, dedicated to Roger Skinner)
- Johnny Hamlin’s Breakdown (Johnny Hamlin)

On this album:
- Korona Brophy (fiddle/cello/piano … director)
- Stephen Alyward (mandolin/fiddle)
- Elizabeth Drover (fiddle/bodhran)
- Cathy Fowler (fiddle/piano)
- Aileen Furey (fiddle)
- Karen Anne Furlong (fiddle/bodhran)
- Stephen Lee (guitar/bass)
- Megan Kelly (fiddle)
- Meghan McDonald (fiddle)
- Angela O’Brien (fiddle/bodhran/mandolin)
- Brittany Pike (fiddle/piano/bodhran)
- Thomas Power (guitar/bass)
- Aimee Richard (fiddle/bodhran/piano)
- Gillian Skinner (fiddle)
- Jessica Walsh (fiddle)

- Jeff Foran (drums/percussion)
- Stephen Tizzard (drums/percussion)
- Rick Hollett (accordion/percussion)
- Lori Simmons (flute)
- Gerald Strong (whistle)
- Sandy Morris (guitar/bass)
- Rick Hollett (accordion/piano)
- Brad Kilpatrick (drums)