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By Tony MacManus & Julia Toaspern

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Tony MacManus & Julia Toaspern. Live in concert. - Edinburgh: Greentrax CDTRAX 405, 2019.
Tony MacManus (guitar, vocal) and Julia Toaspern (violin, guitar, vocal)

Items not in The Session:
2 Bonnie Jean (courtship song by Robert Burns with new tune by Ross Kennedy)
6 Penny (song by Julia Toaspern)
8 Amarilli (aria by Giulio Caccini)
9.1 Manha de Carneval (theme by Luis Bonfa for ‘Black Orpheus’)
10 Ton of bricks (song by Julia Toaspern)
11 Moustambeiko (Traditional Greek dance in 11/16)
13.1 The road to Drumleman (tune by Tony Cuffe to words by Willie Mitchell)
14.1 San Roque (Traditional Asturian reel-like tune)