Basil And Thyme

By Breda Smyth

  1. Basil And Thyme
  2. Galician
    The Shelf
  3. Victoria Falls
    Time Of Joy
  4. Bachelor’s Walk
  5. Snow On Nephin
  6. O’Mahoney’s
    The Swallow’s Tail
  7. Nyabondo Jigs
  8. Paddy Fahey’s
    Dunmore Lassies
  9. Morning Gallop
    Paddy Fahey’s
  10. Rockaway Jigs
  11. Cape Breton Jigs

Three comments

"Experimental" …

I usually shy away from albums that mix traditional or traditionally-inspired music with "claps and clicks", "programming" and so forth. But I was urged to give this a listen and I’m glad I did. Breda Smyth (whistle, fiddle) - sister of Lunasa’s fiddlemeister Sean Smyth - is a fine musician and composer. Just give Bachelor’s Walk a listen!