Waverley Station: First Stop!

By Liz Donaldson, David Knight & Ralph Gordon

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  1. Hebridean Waulking Song
    The Banks Of Inverness
    Lochiel’s March
    Campbell’s Farewell
  2. The Sailor’s Wife
    The Standards
    Have A Drink With Me
  3. Young Invercauld’s
    Appin House
    Gordon Castle
    Bonnie Beatons
  4. Miss Trotter’s Reel - Of Castlelaw
    Miss Hannah, Elgin
    Pete & Lori’s Wedding
    Lady Louisa Russell’s
    Hey To The Camp
  5. A Song For Sheryl
    David’s Air
    Rorate Coeli
    I Long For Thy Virginitie
  6. The Phoenix
    Travelling West
    Spirit Of The House
  7. The Outskirts
  8. Ramblewood
    Hang Fire
  9. Fiona Miller’s
    Sandy Buchanan’s
    The Warlocks
    S’ Ann An Ile
  10. The Curlew
    Chatterin’ Teeth
    Paddy’s Leather Breeches
  11. Mo Chuachag Lagach Thu
    Stan Hamilton
    Jock Broke Da Prison Door
    Pull The Arms Of The Clock
  12. Waiting For Jim