By Ian Fontova

  1. As The Valley Slumbers
  2. Goblin Den
  3. Coral Riff
  4. Waving Away
  5. Eye Of The Warden
  6. Malham Quinoa
  7. Step On The Coin
  8. Take Me Back To The Woods

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Re: Foras

I remember I met this guy while walking in Brussels, playing in front of the EU institutions. He is an outstanding multi-instrumentist (uillean pipe/whistles/guitar and more). I just discovered he just made a new album

"Ian Fontova was born in Barcelona in 1991, he studied classical guitar until 17. At that age, he left regular musical training and got into folk and symphonic music, self-taught, and into the world of samplers and mixing. Ian graduated on Multimedia in CITM, UPC, where he learned about adiovisual language laws. Later, he did a Soundtrack Music Master in ESMUC. What Ian likes is to travel, learn stuff, and use it to be more creative when he come back home."

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