More Carmichael’s Ceilidh

By John Carmichael’s Ceilidh Band

  1. The Regiment
    Reel De Grandmere
    Bonnie Kate
  2. Shufflin’ Sammy
  3. Bridge Of Perth
    Campbeltown Kiltie Ball
    Fiddler Play The Light
    Braes O’ Mar
  4. Kenny Gillies Of Portnalong
    The Jiggernaut
    Itchy Fingers
  5. Mingulay Boat Song
    Horo My Nut Brown Maiden
    Mist Covered Mountains
    Tocherless Lass
    In Praise Of Islay
  6. One For Charlie
    The Canadian
    Mia McGilvray’s Farewell
  7. Glendaruel Highlanders
    Colonel Robertson
    The Hills Of Glenorchy
  8. Queen’s Bridge
    Graham’s Breakdown
  9. Jewel Of 100 Years
    Cowal Gathering
  10. Crossing The Alps
    Edinburgh Castle
    Dr Morrison’s Seven Thistles
  11. Miss Delicia Chisholm
    Auchmountain’s Bonnie Glen
  12. Teviot Brig
    Loch On The Mountain
    Lilting Fisherman
    Drummond Castle
  13. Colonel MacLean Of Ardgour
  14. The Whistler And His Dog
  15. Black Velvet
    Big Mamou
  16. Here’s To The Maiden
    The Rollicking Irishman
  17. Campdown Races
    Polly Wolly Doodle
    Jingle Bells
  18. The Gambolier
    We Won’t Go Home No More
    Billy Magee Magar
  19. Upidee
    There’s A Tavern In The Town
    Marching Through Georgia
  20. Hail The Conquering Hero Comes
    Solomon Levi
    Come Landlord Fill The Flowing Bowl
    D’ye Ken John Peel

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Re: More Carmichael’s Ceilidh

Love this album, excellent ceilidh box and banjo.