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I am a huge Natalie fan and I love most of her stuff, however I was a bit dissapointed with her latest CD, “Blueprint”. WhileI respect her decision to incorporate the sounds of the Appalaichan and Bluegrass styles of music and the musicians she chose, I found that it didn’t sound like Natalie MacMaster anymore. I know that change and variation is extremely important in an artist’s development however this was just too much. I found that the Cape Breton style that Natalie has made famous with younger generations had been carelessly discarded. It is unfourtunate that she was not able to put at least a few tracks of Canadian/Cape Breton style on. This being said, it is nice to see such a great canadian music icon collaborating with our neighbours south of the border.

Track 3, first tune — unnamed Gmaj jig

Here is an .ABC transcription of the nameless Gmaj jig that is the first tune in the set on the third track (directly preceding “The Butlers of Glen Avenue.”)

R: jig
M: 6/8
L: 1/8
K: Gmaj
Bc |: d2B d2g | (gb)a gfe | dcB c2e | dcB ABc |
d2B d2g | (gb)a gfe | ded cBA | [1 G3 zBc :| [2 G3 G2f ||
|: gag fe^d | efg [B3g3] | gag fed | (Be2) e2f |
ggg a3 | b3 c’3 | bag afd | [1 gba gef :| [2 gba gfe ||

It’s a delightful jig with some sprightly action for the dancers that serves as a nice foil to the melodic gravitas of “Butlers.”

The tune itself, at Alan Snyder’s Cape Breton Fiddle Recording Index:

As far as its recording history is concerned, it has only appeared on two other albums – both by the famed MacLellan Trio of Theresa (fiddle), “Big” Donald (fiddle), and Marie (piano). Their 1963
Rodeo Records LP “The MacLellan Trio play the Music of Cape Breton” was subsequently remastered (along with additional tracks) by Breton Books into the CD titled “The MacLellan Trio.”

“The MacLellan Trio play the Music of Cape Breton” — from Alan Snyder’s Cape Breton Fiddle Recording Index:
And from The Beaton Institute’s database:

“The MacLellan Trio” — from Alan Snyder’s Cape Breton Fiddle Recording Index:
And from Cranford Publications:

Annette’s Chatter

Hey….putting together a jig set and I’m wanting to include Annette’s Chatter, the third jig on the third track here. It’s not posted on this website, and i wondered if anyone out there could whip up the sheet music, or at least an abc version, only if they’re very familiar and could do it on a dime.
I can’t find the music for it anywhere!
I know… I should learn it by ear, and I’ve done a little of it. But i’m A bit stuck and would appreciate a hand?? If anyone would be so kind?
Anyways, it really needs to be posted on this site, and I’m not yet savvy enough to be the one to do it.