A Fairy Wind

By Joe McGowan & Friends

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  1. Matchmaking : Fortune Or Misfortune ?
  2. John McKenna’s
    The Happy Days Of Youth
    Lucky In Love
  3. A Farewell To Crickets
  4. The Nightingale
  5. A Visit From The Sidhe
  6. The Maids Of Mount Kisco
    Come West Along The Road
    The Humours Of Tulla
  7. The Haymakers
  8. Kiss The Maid Behind The Barrel
    The Haymaker
  9. The Easter Collection
  10. Teddy O’Neill
  11. Dr. Brown And The Christmas Mummers
  12. Jenny Pickin’ Cockles
    The Floating Crowbar
    The Collier’s
  13. The Widow’s Curse
  14. A Losa
  15. The Fleadh
    The Lark In The Morning
  16. Brian O’Linn
  17. Half A Bed To Let
  18. The Ploughboy