By Gillian Head

  1. Feed The Ducks
    Sailor Don
    The Elusive Bear Cat
    Gonzo The Fiddle Cat
  2. Wing Commander Donald MacKenzie
    The Bionic Woman
    Come On Wee Man!
  3. Desiree O’Connor
    Road To Corrandulla
  4. CBC’s Glen And Karl
    Blue Ribbon
    Clyde Wells
  5. Lorena’s
    Mary Beth Carty
  6. Dr. Gilbert
    Ships Are Sailing
    Evening Comes Early
  7. Gamma Ray
  8. Mug Of Brown Ale
    Evangeline Breakfast Club
  9. The Earl Of Dalhousie’s Happy Return To Scotland
    Lady Doune
    Hinton’s Lovestick Barmaid
    A Winston Tune
  10. The Cheticamp
    You And I
    Reel Du Forgeron
  11. The Laird Of Cockpen
    Dan Head
    Murdo MacKenzie Of Torridon
  12. The Last (March)
    Hoch Hey Johnny Lad
    For The Gretzky Of Cape Breton Social Dancing
    Lady Glenorchy
    The Charms Of Whiskey
    Cabar Feidh
    Baby Morris

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Gillian Head - Tidal

2018 album.

Her website:

Nova Scotia, Scottish, Quebec, and Irish tunes, by the looks of it. Many are Gillian’s own compositions as well. She’s joned by Jason Roach & Mary Beth Carty, as well as, Colin Grant & Donnie Calabrese on some tracks. The liner notes are available on her website.

Available on iTunes, CDBaby, and her website:

Tune composer info:
- Feed The Ducks (Kieran Leahy)
- Sailor Don (Dougie MacDonald)
- The Elusive Bear Cat, Gonzo The Fiddle Cat, Bionic Woman, Desiree O’Connor, Lorena’s Waltz, Mary Beth Carty, Evangeline Breakfast Club, Dan Head, Baby Morris (Gillian Head)
- Wing Commander Donald MacKenzie (Phil Cunningham)
- Come On Wee Man! (Martin Green)
- Road To Corrandulla (Michael McGoldrick)
- CBC’s Glenn and Karl (Jerry Holland)
- Blue Ribbon Reel (Daniel Lapp)
- Clyde Wells Reel (Bob Montgomery)
- E-B-E Reel (Liz Carroll)
- Evening Comes Early (John Doyle)
- Gamma Ray (Jason Roach)
- The Earl Of Dalhousie’s Happy Return To Scotland (Niel Gow Jr.)
- Hinton’s Lovestick Barmaid (Jerry Holland & John Morris Rankin)
- Murdo MacKenzie of Torridon (Bobby MacLeod)
- The Last March (John Morris Rankin)
- For The Gretzky of Cape Breton Social Dancing (Glenn Graham)
- Lady Glenorchy (Duncan McKercher)

The rest are listed as traditional.