Planet Ulster

By The Ulster Scots Folk Orchestra

Added by Kenny .

  1. Open The Door
  2. Ballycarry Fair
  3. Hi Uncle Sam
    The Hillbilly
  4. Bonnie Kellswater
  5. Dancin’ Tae Tha Fiddle
    The Curse O’ Macha
  6. Parcel O’ Rogues
  7. The Frost Is All Over
    Saddle The Pony
  8. The Jolly Lambeggar
  9. The Lea Rig
  10. Bonnie Doon
  11. Billy, Geordie, Sam, Hughie And Wee Tam
  12. The Battle Of The Somme
    The 42nd Highlanders
  13. The Londonderry Air
  14. Skreigh O’ Day
  15. The Ulsterman’s Farewell Tae Whuskey
  16. The De’il Amang The Tailors
    The Mason’s Apron