My Own Rocky Coast

By Scott Ring

  1. The Bride’s Retreat
  2. Cape St. Mary’s
    The Eavesdropper
    The Killavil
  3. Planxty Brown
    The Three Sea Captains
  4. Homeland Farewell
  5. A Dance On The Ocean
    The Raven’s Flight
  6. Ice Dancing At The Gates
  7. Lady Carolanne’s Arrival
  8. The Coolin’
  9. Charlie Mulvahill’s (Hornpipe)
    Joey O’Rourke’s Early Arrival
    The Silver Spire
  10. March Of The Fairie Army
    Slaying The Dragonfly
  11. The Fly By Night
    The Tailor’s Twist
  12. Beware The Ocean’s Call (Song)
  13. My Own Rocky Coast (Song)
  14. The Rocky Road To Dubin (Live, Song)

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Scott Ring - My Own Rocky Coast

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On this album:
- Scott Ring (whistles/vocals)
- David Wilkie (guitar/tenor guitar/mandocello/vocals)
- Joseph Hertz (fiddle)
- Nathan McCavana (bodhran)
- George Langdon (guitar)
- Keri Lynn Zwicker (harp/vocals)
- Fiona Coll (fiddle)
- Linda Haugh (vocals)
- Sheldon Valleau (tenor ukelele)
- Jason Valleau (bass)
- Ophelie LaRoche (snare drum)

Many of tunes and songs are Scott’s own compositions. These include: The Bride’s Retreat, Homeland Farewell, A Dance On The Ocean, The Raven’s Flight, Ice Dancing At The Gates, Lady Carolanne’s Arrival, The March Of The Fairie Army, Slaying The Dragonfly, Beware The Ocean’s Call (song), & My Own Rocky Coast (song).

The other composers are:
- (Let Me Fish Off) Cape St. Mary’s (Otto P. Kelland)
- Planxty Brown (Turlough O’Carolan)
- Joey O’Rourke’s Early Arrival (Joe Hertz)

And the rest are listed as traditional.