Arthur Scott Robertson Rehearses His Own Fiddle Compositions

By Arthur Scott Robertson

  1. The Rover’s Return
    Robbie Bairnson
    Laxo Burn
  2. Sedorwood
  3. Clivingarth
    Ruth Salter
    Arthur Scott Robertson
  4. Anne S Robertson
    Compliments To Sean MaGuire
  5. Rhoda In Rhyme
    William J Birnie
    Bill Brian
  6. Grunafirth
    Nelly’s Favourite
    Adrian Stuart
  7. Lament For A Lady
    Hector MacAndrew
    Sandy Edmonstone
  8. At The Edg Of A Time
    Joyce Fordyce Sellar
  9. Leaving St Ola
    Rev And Mrs Derick Henderson
    Mr And Mrs Duncan Dallas
  10. The Luthier And His Wife
    Itinerating Jane
    Curly Jamieson
  11. Alec T Bain
    The Modest Fiddler
    The Modest Fiddlers’ Wife
  12. Peerless Fritz Kreisler
    The Andy Ross
    The Scottish Solo Fiddler
  13. Helen R Roberston
    Children In The House
  14. Anne S F McWilliam
    Neil S Robertson
  15. Patrick Sellar
    Mrs Mary Bevan
    John Campbell Bevan