The Thing About Fish

By Rum Ragged

  1. The Thing About Fish
  2. Mug Of Old Ale
  3. I Didn’t Drink The Rum
    All The Way To Connickmore
    Jackson’s Fancy
    Jim Rumbolt’s Too
  4. The Wave That Hit St. Bride’s
  5. The Fairmount
    Kathleen Katz’
  6. The Land Of Fish And Sea
  7. Shady Brookside
  8. Work Boys Work
  9. Doucet’s
    The Lucozade
    The Gypsy
  10. Let Me Fish Off Cape St. Mary’s

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Rum Ragged - The Thing About Fish

Latest album from Rum Ragged, released yesterday (Oct. 3rd, 2019).

Available at SingSong:

On the album:
- Aaron Collis (button accordion/bouzouki/guitar/mandola/whistles/vocals)
- Mark Manning (guitar/vocals)
- Colin Grant (fiddle)
- Michael Boone (bass)
- Billy Sutton (bodhran/percussion/vocals/guitar)

Composer info:
- The Thing About Fish (Jim Payne)
- Mug Of Old Ale (trad., learned from Mary Keough of Boyd’s Cove)
- I Didn’t Drink The Rum (trad., learned from Christ Kavanagh of Flatrock)
- All The Way To Connickmore (trad., learned from Patsy Judge of Patrick’s Cove)
- Jackson’s Fancy & Jum Rumbolt’s Too (trad., from Rufus Guinchard of Daniel’s Harbour)
- The Wave That Hit St. Bride’s (Daniel Payne)
- The Fairmount Jig (Aaron Collis)
- Kathleen Katz’ Jig (Kathleen Katz?)
- The Land Of Fish And Seals (Margaret Sharp Peace, words; Aaron Collis, music)
- Shady Brookside (trad., learned from Gerald Donahue of Boyd’s Cove)
- Work Boys Work (trad/Harry Clifton, learned from Eugene Mooney of The Branch)
- Doucet’s (trad., learned from Gus Doucet of Stephenville)
- The Lucozade Reel (Patrick Moran)
- The Gypsy (Dave Panting)
- Let Me Fish Off Cape St. Mary’s (Otto Kelland)

Re: The Thing About Fish

"The Wave that Hit St Bride’s" is finally recorded!? Hadn’t expected it from Rum Ragged, but it’s a great song.

Re: The Thing About Fish

It’s a new one for me, though it does sound like the type of song-story Daniel Payne would sing.

About Rum Ragged, personally I find many of their song selections and some of their tune selections (with this band, and Aaron for tunes with other bands) tend to be of the less common type, in that there don’t seem to be many recordings, or recent recordings, of those songs and tunes. In my opinion, Rum Ragged usually make that work really well for them, I see it as part of their signature/band identity.

There are some songs that I had heard before they recorded them, such as Barque In The Harbour, and of course Let Me Fish Off Cape St. Mary’s. Some are different takes on previously recorded (and perhaps lesser known) songs, like Ladies Man, and The Old Shoreline. And some are previously unrecorded songs (eg., Another Fading Light).

With that said, I’ve seen them live twice now. Once not too long after their first album, and the other time just before their second album release (so they played Ladies Man, Dirt Poor, etc etc..). They have some lovely arrangements of more well known Newfoundland and Irish songs which they haven’t recorded, yet. These were Candlelight and Wine, Grey Foggy Day, Beeswing, an Archie Fisher song (cannot remember its’ name, maybe isn’t a well known one), and Galway Girl. Hoping they eventually record some of these.

Before their second album release, at the show they said they were invited to Jim Payne’s home, and he played them a bunch of his unrecorded songs. That’s how Another Fading Light came to be, and I’m guessing it might have been where they learned The Thing About Fish.

**correction to previous post, should have been "Chris Kavanagh"

Re: The Thing About Fish

Just stumbled back across this page. We learned "The Wave That Hit St Bride’s" back when A Crowd of Bold Sharemen were performing it live (regularly, I think) in 2006, with Daniel singing lead. Simple song, but really nice.

As for this album, I finally got it, early in the pandemic, I think. Great album! I especially love the title song, which I’ve never heard Jim sing.