By Iontach

  1. Charlie Lennon’s
    Dungarvan Fleadh
    Small Hills Of Offaly
  2. Cooley Shore (Song)
  3. The Red Haired Girl
    The Longford Women
  4. Monday Wedding
    The Bugle
  5. Éiníní (Song)
  6. The Straw Rope
    The Woods Of Old Limerick
    Andy McGann’s
  7. Passage West (Song)
  8. The Dancing Deacon
    Time For Tea
  9. To Althea, From Prison (Song)
  10. Kilcooley Wood
    Andy McGann’s
    The Music Room
  11. No Better Friends
    The Idle Road
    The Cable Stitch
  12. Slán Le Máigh (Song)
  13. Lights On The Ocean
  14. The Nervous Man
    The Harvest Moon
    The Four Leaved Shamrock
  15. Until We Meet Again (Song)

One comment

Re: Cuan

A new CD is out from Irish/German/British folkgroup Iontach.
Some of the tunes here are composed by group members (Monday Wedding, The Dancing Deacon, Time for Tea, Lights on the Ocean) and so are some of the melodies to the songs (Cooley Shore, Éiníní) .