Shetland Fiddle Music

By School Of Scottish Studies, University Of Edinburgh

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  1. Soldier’s Joy
    Deil Among The Tailors
  2. Walking Ower Da River
    Grieg’s Pipes
  3. Black Jock
    An Unnamed
    Ladies’ Breast~knots
  4. More Grog Coming
    The Lass That Made The Bed For Me
    Da Teif Upon Da Lum
  5. Auld Swarra
  6. The Shaalds O’ Foula
    Tilley Plump
  7. Da Flooers O’ Edinburgh
    Soldier’s Joy
    The East Neuk Of Fife
  8. The Fairy
    Kail And Knockit Corn
    Cabister Head
  9. Auchdon House
  10. Put Home Da Borraed Claes
    Jeannie Choke Da Bairn
    Oot B’aist Da Vong
  11. Sillocks Sond In Da Mourning
  12. Leaving Lerwick Harbour
    The Left~handed Tushkar
    Miss Susan Cooper
  13. Da Heids O’Vigon
    Oot An’ In Da Harbour
    Sleep Sound In Da Morning
    Speed Da Plough
    Square Da Mizzen

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A great teaching/learning aid

This CD was released as part of a series by the School of Scottish Studies, University of Edinburgh, and rather than being just a compilation of tunes, it is more of a teaching aid. At the beginning of each time, a few bars are played, and then the style is discussed a little before more is played.

The accents of the players are very thick to my non-Scottish ear, but I’m sure with time I will "tune in" to the accent, and learn much more from this CD.

"Scottish Tradition 4: Shetland Fiddle Music" (mono)

School of Scottish Studies, University of Edinburgh
Greentrax, 1993

Considering that this was supposedly an academic project, the notes are sadly lacking, as little is said about the tunes themselves or alternate names and origins… Of course this doesn’t detract from my appreciation of the music, but I was expecting more…

For something more meaty, knowing that visiting the place and further listening is my first recommendation, here’s something in print:

"The Fiddle Music of the Shetland Isles"
by Peter Cooke
Senior Lecturer and head of Ethnomusicology, Edinburgh University (the same!)
Cambridge Studies in Ethnomusicology
Cambridge University Press, 1986
ISBN: 0-521-26855-9, don’t know about this one. I love Shetland music, but I find much of this CD pretty hard going. Maybe I’m not ‘trad’ enough (if there is such a thing), but lots of this sounds too ‘scrapey’ and plain out of tune. Liked the final set though!

Re: Shetland Fiddle Music

Can anybody list the artists on each of the individual tracks of this recording? The iTunes version of this CD doesn’t list any. Thanks.

Re: Shetland Fiddle Music

In reply to Daniel Parker’s request…

Croft dancing in North Yell
1 Soldier’s Joy/ Deil among the Tailors 1.59

Reels & wedding tunes from Whalsay
2 Walking ower da river/ Grieg’s pipes 1.24
3 Black Jock/ an unnamed reel/Ladies’ breast—knots 3.24

Three reels from Unst 3.28
4 a: More grog coming/The lass that made the bed for me
b: Da tell upon da lum

Slow air from Walls
5 Auld Swarra 2.02

Two Herra tunes for the Foula Reel
6 The Shaalds o’ Foula/ Tilley Plump 2.24

Three reels from Bressay 5.26
7 a: Da flooers o’ Edinburgh/Soldier’s joy
b: The East Neuk of Fife

Five reels from Tingwall 6.16
8 a: The Fairy Reel (or Loddie)
b: Wullafjord / Kail and knockit corn/ MacDonald’s reel
c: Cabister Head

Fiddle & Harmonium
9 Auchdon House JIMMY JOHNSTON with Pat Sutherland 0.44

Three Vidlin reels
10 Put hame da borraed claes/Jeannie choke da bairn/Oot b’aist da Vong 2.06

Fiddle & guitar 1.24
11 Sillocks and tatties/ Sleep sond in da morning
WILLIAM HUNTER senior with William Johnson

Fiddle & Piano 4.08
12 Leaving Lerwick harbour WILLIAM HUNTER junior with William Kay
The left—handed tushkar/Miss Susan Cooper
WILLIAM HUNTER junior with Ronald Cooper

Five reels from North Yell 5.02
13 a: Da heids o’ Vigon/ Oot an’ in da harbour
b: Sleep sound in da morning/ Speed da plough/ Square da mizzen

Re: Shetland Fiddle Music

Tim, thanks very much!