Suspended Slip Jig

By Folkestra

  1. Suspended Slip
    A Quiet Wedding
  2. Our Kate
    Jimmy Allen
    Salmon Tails Up The Water
  3. Trimdon Grange Explosion
  4. Naske Jwane
    Tom Kings Toolbox
  5. Broken Echoes
  6. The Young Fiddle
    Random Notes
    Accordion Maestro
  7. St Michaels Mount
    Dashing White Eejit
  8. O’Keefs’
    Glen Gottage
    Camptown Races
  9. The Outside Track
  10. Theid Min Ceann Loch Aluinn
    The Mixolydian
  11. The Coolin (Au Chuifhionn)
  12. Stokesley Fair
    Sheep On The Moor
  13. The Swallowtail
    Billy Pigg’s
  14. Chin Up
    Kathryn’s Christmas Polka

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Re: Suspended Slip Jig

OP, could you please give some more info about this? I love English folk, and a lot of these tunes are English. Do you like the recording?