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By Graham Wells & David Clark

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Graham Wells & David Clark

An excellent album, one of those rarer ones which I enjoyed every track. Graham is quite the accordion player. Mostly Irish tunes, with some Scottish, Newfoundland, and Quebec tunes as well.

Available at Fred’s Records:

According to MUN’s music archives ( ), it was recorded 2011. The album liner notes gave no year.

They are:
- Graham Wells (accordion)
- Dave Clark (fiddle)

Joined by for some tracks:
- Conal O’Grada (flute)
- Billy Sutton (banjo)
- Jason Whelan (bouzouki)

A few of the liner notes:
- Track 2, neither Graham nor Dave could remember where they learned The Hunt In the Bog. They set it with Boil The Breakfast Early because of a TV show with celebrity chef Martin Picard who hunted partridge & cooked breakfast in a bog (within Quebec) on the episode.
- Track 3, they learned ‘Will You Come Home With Me?" from Planxty’s album "Woman I Love So Well"
- Track 4a was composed by the late Cavan-born fiddler Ed Reavy. Graham had learned the tune in E, but couldn’t remember where he learned it.
- Track 5, they learned "A Fisherman’s Song for Attracting Seals" from the Matt Molloy recording, "Shadows On Stone". And "Pelting A Puppy Swile (Seal)" is both a song and tune about seals, drinks, and women.
- Track 6b was composed by Newfoundland fiddler Emile Benoit.
- Track 6c is of Quebec origin. Dave grew up in Quebec City.
- Track 7a was composed by Hammy Hamilton.
- Track 8, their setting of The "Moneymusk" is closest to the Quebec version of the tune. The second tune is one of Emile Benoit’s compositions.
- Track 9, two piping tunes
- Track 10, Dispute At The Crossroads is a Donegal version of Dr. Gilbert’s, which they learned from Paddy Glackin’s album "Spey In State".