By Dara Smith-MacDonald, Adam Young & Brent Chaisson

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  1. Grand étang
    Compliments To Cameron Chisholm
    Brent Chaisson’s
    Brent Chaisson’s
    Johnny Wilmot’s Fiddle
    Renee MacLeod’s
    Storm Party
  2. Gillian Jiggs
    Annie May’s Birthday
  3. A Mira Melody
  4. Mayday
    The Elusive Bear Cat
    Reel For Carl
  5. The Celtic Heart
  6. The Shortest Day
    Corporal AB
    Tea Gardens
    Grand Mira
  7. The Last
    Donald Angus Beaton
    Angus Ronald Beaton’s
    Missing Marc
    The Burning House
    The Lion
  8. Between The Woods And Frozen Lake
  9. Memories Of Paddy LeBlanc
    Lime Hill
    Anne MacNamara
    Trip To Windsor
    Brenda Stubbert’s
    Jack Daniel’s
    Michael Rankin’s
  10. Boîte à Frissons
    Dot MacKinnon’s
    Ceilidh At 7A
    The Lion’s Den
    O’Leary Fury

Two comments

Re: Island

Set #7, That is not The Last Hornpipe, It is The Last March by John Morris Rankin.