From the East unto the West

By Shantalla

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  1. Captain Ward
  2. Twa Corbies
  3. Ynis Avalach
    Dever The Dancer
    Toss The Feathers #1
    Toss The Feathers #2
  4. A Band Of Gold
  5. Magic Happens
    The Three Wishes
    Morning Sunday
  6. The War Of The Crofters
  7. Farewell To Charlemagne
  8. The Cameronian Highlander Set
    The Killavil
    The Bag Of Spuds
    The Carracastle Lass
  9. Jamie Raeburn
  10. Midlothian Mining Song
  11. Breaking Wind
    Mother Folker Therapy

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Re: From the East unto the West

5th set : Magic happens (comp. Gerry Murray) ; The Three Wishes (comp. Joe Liddy)
7th set : comp. Michael Horgan
10th set : Midlothian Mining Song is preceded by the “Coleraine Jig”
11th set : Mother Folker Therapy (comp. Lorcan Fahy)

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