Howie MacDonald and his Cape Breton Fiddle

By Howie MacDonald

  1. Over The Moor To Maggie
    Barry Sutherland
  2. Peter Bailey’s Wife
    Irishman’s Heart To The Ladies
    Felix The Wrestler
  3. Clark Road
    The Bog Of Gight
    The Witch
    Thomas’ Son Wears A Dirk
  4. Lady Doune
    Lennox’s Love To Blantyre
    Dan Galbey
    Sister Dolena Beaton
  5. Miss Ann Carnegie
  6. Betty Matheson
    Mike Saunders
    Swingin’ On Home
  7. Chéticamp
    Dave MacNeil
    Miss Smyth Of Methven
  8. Johnny’s
    Tenpenny Bit
    The Broken Lantern
  9. Dundas Street
    The Westburne
    The Cavity Investigator
  10. Gramin
    Jabe Meadow
    Compliments To Doug MacPhee

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Re: Howie MacDonald and his Cape Breton Fiddle

One of my favourite albums!