Rattling Banjos: 50 Solos for Irish Tenor Banjo - part 2 of 2

By David McNevin

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David McNevin(banjo), Manus Lunny (bouzouki, guitar), Dave Murphy (keyboards).
Waltons tutorial banjo cd to accompany “50 solo’s for Irish Tenor Banjo”.
This Cd was too big to post as one, so i post the first half (Gerry O Connor) and the second half (David McNevin) separately.
Well worth a listen..

That’s wrong

The tune called “The Mist Covered Mountain” by David McNevin on “Rattlin’ Banjos” and “50 Solos for Irish Tenor Banjo” is really “Mac’s Fancy Jig”.

To call that tune as “The Mist…” was an error.

Many mistakes in the tunes listed

It probably goes without saying that Gerry and David do an outstanding job demonstrating the tunes on this CD which accompanies the Waltons/Mel Bay 50 Solo’s for Irish Tenor Banjo tune book . Banjoists and banjophiles would do well to seek out this recording.

However, the track listing is not very well synchronized with the tunes that follow and there are some clearly misnamed tunes. This fact was perhaps not evident to the original poster of the CD on this site since the tracks are shown here as listed, in some cases incorrectly, on the CD. I have caught a few of these errors, although it is likely I missed some as some of these tunes are not known to me. I will attempt to clean up a few of the mistakes I did find.

Note this is the second half of a 50 tune CD, the other is posted on session.org as “Rattlin‘ Banjos” (Part 1) one with Gerry O’Connor. The track listing shown on session.org is actually track #’s 26-50 on the CD. For the purpose of clearing up some of the confusication one who owns the CD might have I will be referring to the track number as listed in the CD liner, it should be easy enough for musicians to transpose the numbers.

*Feral O’Gara listed as track #44 is #43 and Collin’s listed as #43 is #44. Apparently someone mispronounced/misheard Coen’s as Collin’s. It’s actually Tommy Coens’s reel #2
*McGann’s Reel track #45 is Golden Keyboard
*Sally Gardens listed as #46 is #47and Three Sea Captain’s listed as #47 is #46

The unnamed Hornpipe in G is Murphy’s Hornpipe

As for “Mist Covered Mountain” it’s clearly not the same tune as the Junior Crehan tune adapted from the Scottish air “Chi mi na mor-bheanna." It seems this tune, like so many others, goes by many names, including and most accurately Mac’s Fancy, as noted above, a version of “March of Donald Lord of the Isles to the Battle of Harlaw” a Scottish tune. I suspect the fact that this tune opens up and is paired with the Crehan tune on the De Dannon CD entitled “Mist Covered Mountain” may have given rise to the misnomer. The tune can also be found in JC’s ABC tune finder and at least one other tutorial under that name as well. It’s also Walton’s “101 Fiddle Tunes” collection where it’s listed as Phil’s Jig. That’s all for now.

I, for one would be interested in any other corrections to the list, some of you out there may have.

There are numerous mistakes on the Gerry O’Connor half of this collection as well.

More corrections….

As said above, there are a large number of mistakes in the tune titles on this recording. Here’s a few others, and I’ll add more later, when I’ve time. The numbers below refer to the tracks as listed here. I have the original version on cassette tape, which was how it was released before coming out on CD. I don’t think the tracks are all in the same order in both formats.

1 – “Finbar [sic] Dwyer’s” is one of Paddy Fahey’s reels, nothing at all to do with Finbarr Dwyer.

4 – “Roche’s” = “Tripping Up The Stairs” - the reel.

5 – “Peter Street” – better known as “Speed The Plough” .

7 – “McDonagh’s” = “Convenience / Knock At The Door / Olcan Masterson’s”

8 – “Kelly’s” = “Farewell To Erin” [ 2 part reel in “D”].

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More tune titles…

More common alternatives to titles given …..

Track 2 = “The Tipperary “ = “The Derry Hornpipe”

Track 6 = “Harding’s” = “The Dusty Windowsill”

Track 12 = “Sonny Brogan’s” = “Humours Of Drinagh”

Track 13 = “The Silver Vale” = possibly better known as “Burke’s

Track 16 = “Bill Harte’s” = “Pull The Knife And Stick It Again”

Track 17 = “The Strand” = “Mary Shore”

Track 23 = Crehan’s : Can’t place this, possibly “Gerry Cronin’s”

Also - Track 9 = “Peacock’s Feather” link here goes to the D minor hornpipe instead of the D major tune of the same name.

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Another Correction

The Galway Hornpipe is actually Pay the Reckoning.

G D A E tuning ~ David McNevin

Walton’s Music
CD only ~
Book only ~
Book & CD (first edition was with a cassette)

“Gerry O’Connor and David McNevin are two of the finest tenor banjo players in Irish traditional music, and 50 Solos for Irish Tenor Banjo is the most comprehensive collection of Irish banjo tunes currently available. Gerry O’Connor’s 25 selections (arranged for C G D A tuning) reflect a style that has earned him a reputation as the most creative exponent of the instrument in Irish music. David McNevin, himself the recipient of major awards for his banjo playing, has selected 25 tunes and arranged them for G D A E or traditional tuning; the tablature for these solos may also be used for the mandolin.”

Re: Rattling Banjos: 50 Solos for Irish Tenor Banjo - part 2 of 2

I’ve tried editing this but it’s fairly pointless at the moment as the track listing above is for the CD, and I have the cassette with the tracks in a different order. If I can find the book which accompanied the tape, I’ll make the corrections from there. Applies also to the Gerry O’Connor tracks. A real pleasure to be listening to these 2 great players again.

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Re: Rattling Banjos: 50 Solos for Irish Tenor Banjo - part 2 of 2

I found the accompanying book, and have made corrections above. Not 100%, but a lot better than it was.

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