An Fhidil, Sraith 2

By Sean Keane, Kevin Burke, Paddy Glackin And Seamus Creagh

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  1. Paddy Taylor’s
    The Steam Packet
  2. Johnny Cope
    Chief O’Neill’s Favourite
  3. The Geese In The Bog
  4. The Crooked Road To Dublin
    The Scholar
  5. Ride A Mile
    Moher Avogue
  6. Dash To Portobello
    Splendid Isolation
  7. The Boys Of Ballisodare
    The Butterfly
  8. The Bird In The Bush
    The Woman Of The House
  9. The Langstern Pony
    Denis Murphy’s
  10. Lord Gordon’s
  11. The Blackberry Blossom
    The Mountain Road
  12. The Glen Cottage
    The Glen Cottage
  13. Caoineadh Ui Neill
  14. Jerry’s Beaver Hat
    The Connachtman’s Rambles
  15. The Congress
    The Star Of Munster

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An Fhidil, Sraith 2

A great collection of tunes played on the fiddle. Recorded 1980 on Gael-Linn
Tracks 1-4 by Sean Keane
Tracks 5-7 and 11 by Kevin Burke
Tracks 8-10 by Paddy Glackin
Tracks 12-15 by Seamus Craeagh

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Where can I get this?

Wow! That sounds like an awesome recording, although I can’t find it anywhere. Does anybody know where I can find a copy? Thanks!


Hard to find

It’s unlikely you’ll pick these up, even off the web. I recorded Sraith1 and Sraith 2 off vinyl that my dad borrowed from the record library in Belfast. I was only about 15 at the time. maybe someone knows if they’ve been re-issued….?

Wrong titles….

“harry” who posted this recording has mis-read the titles for track 6. It’s not 3 reels, but only 2 - “The Glens Of Aherlow” and “Sean Ryan’s Favourite” are given as alternative titles for the same tune. The first reel is Sean Ryan’s “Dash To Portobello”, and it’s followed by Brendan McGlinchey’s “Splendid Isolation”.

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Re: An Fhidil, Sraith 2 Track 14

Track 14 first tune is The Cobbler (1911) not Jerry’s Beaver Hat