Barra Taoide

By Kyle Macaulay & Nicole Ní Dhubhshláine

  1. The Man In The Bog
    The Girl In The Big House
    The Torn Jacket
  2. March Of The Kings Of Laois
  3. Paddy Cronin’s
    Hare In The Corn
  4. The Wee Plank
  5. Callaghan’s
    Didi Cronin’s #2
  6. Jewels Of The Ocean
    Jenny Dang The Weaver
  7. Páidin Ó Raifeartaigh
    Gan Ainm
    Bill Collins’
  8. The Tunnel Tiger
  9. Cheer Up Old Hag
  10. Black Pat’s
    Toss The Feathers
    Fred Finn’s

Four comments

Re: Barra Taoide

Actually not a bad little album; a few nice tunes on it. Will add tune names when I get a chance; feel free to beat me to it!


Description: "Kyle and Nicole are two exceptional young traditional musicians bringing an excitement and vibrancy to the scene today. Their music, while firmly rooted in the traditional idiom is uniquely interpreted by the duo on guitar, flute, concertina and whistle. They will release their much anticipated debut album "Barra Taoide" in Autumn 2019"

Re: Barra Taoide

Sometimes the tune names are given on Bandcamp, if you click on each individual track for more info. That was the case here, so have updated them.

Re: Barra Taoide

Thanks NfldWhistler, missed that!

Re: Barra Taoide

You’re welcome! It’s easy to miss.