John Playford’s Popular Tunes

By the Broadside Band

  1. Greenwood
    Heart’s Ease
    Excuse Me
  2. Lady Catherine Ogle
    The Scotchman’s Dance
    Never Love Thee More
    The Miller’s Jig (slip jig)
  3. The Granadees
    Saraband By Mr. Simon Ives
  4. Lady Hatton’s Almaine
    Prins Robert Masco
    Prince Rupert’s
  5. Lilli Burlero
  6. Parthenia
    Corant "La Chobot"
  7. Paul’s Steeple
  8. The Lady Nevils Delight
    The Whisk
    A New Rigaudon
  9. An Italian Rant
    Bouzer Castle
  10. Childgrove
    Mr. Lane’s Minuet
    Up With Aily
    Cheshire Rounds
    Hunt The Squirrel

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Re: John Playford’s Popular Tunes

I really enjoy this album and getting exposure to many of Playford’s tunes. My only issue with it is the transition between tunes: there’s a bit of a pause in between many of the dances. For exapple, track 4 consists of 4 tunes, but because of the pause it might as well have just been split up into 4 tracks. I think the iTunes link might be for one of their other albums. The quality of the playing is great, though, so I would recommend.

Re: John Playford’s Popular Tunes

I know that this isn’t Irish and that this is primarily an Irish traditional site, but I like English and Welsh folk, and when I joined, I saw that others were putting up these recordings as well, so I figured I’d join in. Plus, I’ve read previous discussions where people have talked about Playford, so there are probably at least a few members on here who would enjoy this.

Re: John Playford’s Popular Tunes

Actually, I rather LIKE Playford’s stuff. No point pretending there isn’t any crossover.

BTW, "Never Love Thee More" is the same as the Northumbrian tune "Lord Derwentwater’s". One of my favorite tunes, AAMOF, and usually well-received in Irish sessions that I’ve attended.

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Re: John Playford’s Popular Tunes

Apparently there are over 100 tunes from Playford in Fleischmann’s ‘Sources of Irish Traditional Music’ (1998), but as I neither have these books, nor am I an expert on Playford, I can’t comment on their accuracy.

Re: John Playford’s Popular Tunes

I’m afraid that the horse has probably "horse has bolted" as far as recordings, tune submissions, and discussions in general are concerned in relation to this site.

However, many of us take part in sessions where a variety of music is played. Also, many musicians who only play Irish music almost exclusively in a session situation are also interested in other traditions too and might even also play different material in other locations and circumstances.

As I suggested in another thread, there is the argument that the database is probably large enough to handle things and we don’t really need to bother with postings which we might not consider to be particularly relevant.
However, as long as we remain aware that the main focus of this site is intended to be that of Irish Music and don’t "insist" or expect that other forms of music should automatically be represented here, I don’t think there’s any harm in allowing a few abberations here and there.