By Sláinte

  1. Killavil
    Miller’s Maggot
    Rambling Pitchwork
  2. Ziri Pri
    New French Schottische
    Black Jack Grove
  3. Madam I’m A Darling
  4. Drunken Sailor
  5. Dandy
    Sligo Dandy
    Green Gates
    Flowers Of Red Hill
    Glass Of Beer
  6. Ingonish
    Leg Of The Duck
    Johnny Leary’s
  7. Johnny Is The Fairest Man
    Harvest Moon
  8. Low Highland
    Duncan Davidson’s
  9. Autumn Gold
  10. Cloone
    Dieter’s Squeezing The Box
    Sporting Paddy
  11. Uncle Rat
    Yellow Wattle
  12. Tripping To The Well
    Jamaica Jam
    Art O’Keefe’s

Two comments

Re: Patchwork

his night, exactly one year ago, we played our album release party in Uster and due to a baby break and recently the Corona Crisis we have not played in public since.
Everybody missing our music can now listen to this album on bandcamp (or buy if it for a few bucks)

Re: Patchwork

If you prefer to get a REAL CDwith an interesting booklet just pm me