Free One

By Kinnaris Quintet

  1. Nonna Pina
    Space Ghettos
  2. Can You Repeat That, Please?
    The Fisherman In The Wardrobe
  3. Mary Binnie
  4. Toria’s 50th
  5. June’s Garden
  6. Princess Fiona
  7. Gortabale Rock
    The Road To Poynton
  8. Saltspring Overture
  9. Balfour Road
    The Weatherman
  10. Free One

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Re: Free One

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"Kinnaris Quintet alternates wonderfully between sweet warmth and rapturous joy. They accomplish what all good folk music aims at. It’s very difficult to make an instrumental album of this length not start to all sound the same, but every track on Free One is so well constructed as to be chapters of a moving story, finally deeply satisfied by the conclusion of the title track. By jolts and false starts it alludes to brokenness without drowning in it. It’s full of a realism that sees the ugliness of the real world and yet chooses joy, and this to me is what it truly means to be free. Piste favorite : Saltspring Overture / Saltspring."