Farewell To Fine Weather

By Joe And Antoinette McKenna

Added by Kenny .
  1. Rowsome’s Jigs
  2. Ta Me ‘Mo Shui
  3. Fermoy Lasses
    Touch Me If You Dare
    Farewell To Fine Weather
  4. Drops Of Whiskey
    The Piper’s Dream
  5. Fill Fill A Run O
  6. Rambling In The Meadow
  7. Between Me And You
  8. The Snowy-Breasted Pearl
    Mrs. Crowley’s
    The Clog
    The Other Clog
  9. Drowsy Maggie
    The Flogging
  10. Cuachin Ghleann Neifin
  11. Musical Priest Medley

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Re: Farewell To Fine Weather

Very appropriate for this time of the year Kenny 🙂

Re: Farewell To Fine Weather

Indeed! Kenny, I’ve changed the ampersand in the name to ‘and’ so that it links up with a previous album entry.

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