Out Of His Box

By Sandy Brechin

  1. Hangin’ Out The Windows
    Smoke On The Air
  2. Buckfast At Tiffany’s
    Apricot Brandy
    The Ensign
  3. The Bouzouki
    Brechin Wind
    The Tasmanian Devil
  4. Charlie Stuart’s
    The Dirt Detective
  5. Roddy’s Last Trip
    Highly Strung
    Sonically Justified
  6. The Drunken Tattie Howker
    Your Drunken Fumbling Fingers
  7. Tha Meudail Is Maighear’s Mo Ghraidh
  8. Tommy Peoples
    The Sloppy Bellows
    The Masochist’s
  9. Three Good Fellows
    Charlie’s Dance
    Cape Breton Peurt-A-Beul
  10. Nice Hands, Shame About The Face
    Tune For A New Found Watch
  11. The Crapper
    The Tongadale
    Cameron Alexander Stewart Low
  12. The Dusty Windowsill
    Pete Brady’s Chubby Cheeks
    The Long Water
  13. Admiral On The Bow
    Butter(fly) Fingers
  14. The St Bernard’s
    The Last

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Sandy Brechin - Out Of His Box

1996 album, re-released in 2012.

On this album:
– Sandy Brechin (accordion)
– Aaron Jones (bass guitar/bouzouki)
– Colin MacFarlane (guitars/mandolin/lapsteel guitar)
– Jim Walker (drums/percussion)