The New Land

By Touchstone

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First two polkas?

If anyone can supply info on the first two of the "Three Polkas", I’d be very appreciative!

Cooley’s mistake

also, "Cooley’s" refers here to "Joe Cooley’s Hornpipe", tho somehow the link takes you to "Cooley’s Jig" (aka "Bohola")…any ideas on how to change that link, eh?

Hi JHowley - could you tell us something about this band and album. Ive never heard of them so where are they from etc etc - ta

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oh wow, bb, you’re missin’ out! Touchstone was a project in the early 1980s that produced only two albums: this one and the much-panned follow up "Jealousy". The band consisted of Triona Ni Dhomhnaill on vox/keyboards (formerly of the Bothy Band, before her stint in Relativity, I believe), Claudine Langille on banjo/mando, Zan McLeod on guitar/bouzouki, and Mark Roberts on flute. The project was to pull off one of the earlier deliberate fusions of Irish and old-time music: Triona was Irish, Claudine was Canadian, Zan and Mark (?) were from NC, where the band was based. Triona’s brother and former BBmate Micheal O Dhomhnaill also sat in on guitar for this album. It’s a phenomenal album, with energetic tunes, stirring songs, and intricate arrangements that I think are prescient of Solas. The "Bolen’s Fancy" jig-reels set will get your blood boiling, and you won’t be able to keep "Jack Haggerty" out of your head for a week!

Tune going with Jack Haggerty

you’re right, I’ve had the tune in me head for 8 years, I heard it in england around that time, and was able to find it back now by entering some of the verse in google!
Does anyone know if the tune in the breaks is a trad one?


Nanabozho, if I remember the liner notes right, the tune was written by the band’s mando/banjo player Claudine Langille and is called "Cheese". I might be wrong; that might be one of the polkas I’m thinking of, so anyone who actually has the album in front of them is free to correct me!

No, you won’t win anything. Sorry. Except for the joy of knowing you were right and I was wrong. 🙂
Until then, let’s stick with "Cheese". I feel kind of embarrassed putting that up on the track listing, though…

Re: Three Polkas

Re: Three polkas; Cassette Liner notes say that Claudine learned the first polka from Bob Meisel a San Francisco mandolin player. She called it "Cheese" hmm. The second and third polka come via Grey Larsen and according to the line notes have no name to them.

Re: Three Polkas

Here’s the first polka with a slightly different setting than Touchstone used:

In Colorado we call it "The Rosetree".


The first one is the Waves of Tory, can’t remember the name of the second one and the last one is Johnny Mickey’s.

Cuil Aodha Polka (not slide!)

The tune linked to the third polka is a slide by that name.

The correct Cuil Aodha is in the Session database as


Great band! The Title song is a wonderful melancholy waltz which everyone should play. There are not enough great waltzes.