Out Of His Tree

By Sandy Brechin

  1. Green Mutant Ninja Turtle Blood
    The Tain Cheese Factory
    It’s A Dogs Life
  2. Song Of The Chanter
    Willie’s Brogues
    The Bonk Band
  3. Photocopies To The Famous
    The Pinkie-Wrestler
    The Jelly River
  4. East Winds
  5. Alasdair James Allan
    The Scottish Parliament
  6. John Currie’s Infra-Red Scanner
    The Bouncing Bridge
    Campbell’s Red Cords
  7. The Broken
    The Tickled Trout
  8. The Rollin’ Stone
    The 40-Ouncer
    A L’eau, C’est L’heure
  9. The Waltz In Time
    Kate Jorgensen’s
  10. The Canny Repair
    The Dwarf
  11. Walter Gilchrist’s Pipe Organ
    Alastair McCallum Of Cairndow
  12. Oliver The Otter Killer
    Tape Me To The Bannister
    The Long Jumpers
  13. Roger McAndrew’s 50th Fling
    Kate McAndrew’s Gin Sling
  14. Lost In Guingamp

One comment

Sandy Brechin - Out Of His Tree

1999 album.

On the album:
– Sandy Brechin (accordion)
– Aaron Jones (bass)
– Colin MacFarlane (guitar/keyboards/lap steel guitar/mandolin)
– Jim Walker (drums/percussion)

Most tunes are Sandy’s compositions. Composer info from All Music (https://www.allmusic.com/album/out-of-his-tree-mw0000666853 ):
– Track 1, all tunes, Sandy Brechin
– Track 2, Sandy Brechin/Angus Lawrie/Traditional (fairly sure the order of these are mixed up)
– Track 3, all tunes, Sandy Brechin
– Track 4, traditional(?)
– Track 5, all tunes, Sandy Brechin
– Track 6, all tunes, Sandy Brechin
– Track 7, all tunes, Colin MacFarlane
– Track 8, all tunes, Sandy Brechin
– Track 9, all tunes, Sandy Brechin
– Track 10, Sandy Brechin/Dave Grohl
– Track 11, Sandy Brechin/Addie Harper Sr.
– Track 12, all tunes, Sandy Brechin
– Track 13, all tunes, Sandy Brechin
– Track 14, Colin MacFarlane

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