Sea To Sky

By Melbourne Scottish Fiddle Club

  1. Munlochy Bridge
    The Skylark’s Ascension
  2. Johan’s Vals
    Veronica’s Trip To Sofia Antipolis
  3. Mount And Go
    Skye Barbecue
  4. The Last Train From Lanark
  5. We’ll Aye Gone To Yon Town
    Arthur Muise
    Fleur De Mandragore
  6. James F Dickie’s Delight
    Brig O’Potarch
    Mill O’Tynel
    James F. Dickie
  7. The Birks Of Invermay
  8. Gentleman Jim
    The New Brooms
    The Salvation
  9. The Swan LK243
    The House At Lonely Hill
  10. Follow The Heron
  11. Reel De Roberval
    La Step A Kenneth Murphy
  12. Cold In Coburg
  13. Crested Hens
    Domhnall Dubh
    Dot The Dragon’s Eyes
  14. Rob Fraser’s Welcome To San Francisco