By Fidil

Added by Jeremy .

  1. The Pinch Of Snuff
    The Wild Irishman
  2. The First Draft
  3. Jenny Jumped Over The Wall
    A Fig For A Kiss
  4. The Valetta
  5. The Earl Of Dalkieth
    Árd na dTaibhsí
  6. When The Ship Leaves The Harbour
  7. Na Farraigí Dearga — The Seas They Ran Red With Blood
  8. The Fantastic
    Mhúineál A’ Bhardáil
    The Merry Sisters
  9. The Girl From Mín Na Draighin
    The Wolcott Lass
  10. Maggie Pickie
  11. The Hurricane
    The Jolly Tinker
  12. An Chéad Chathlán
    The Teelin Highland
  13. Blest Among Women
    Kitty The Hare