It’s an Ill Wind …

By Richard Robinson with Tony Cooke

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  1. The Northern Lass
    Paddy Keenan’s
  2. Swedish Tune
    Skeppar Schottis
  3. The Last Of The Light
  4. Ian Green Of Greentrax
    Break Yer Bass Drone
  5. Lapp-nils’ Favourite
  6. The Walled Garden
  7. Da Sooth End
    Donald Ian Rankin
    My Dungannon Sweetheart
    Calliope House
  8. Redesdale
    The Rowley Burn
  9. The Otter’s Holt
    The Burn Of Finnigirt
  10. Klarinettpolska
    Polska Efter Ante Falk
  11. Picking Up Sticks
    The Quaker
    A Sonderhoning
  12. Tilly Plump
    Come Again, You’re Welcome
  13. Da Slokit Light
    Da Road To Houll
    Da Hamefarers
  14. Solid Joy

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Re: It’s an Ill Wind …

This is only the 2nd recording I know of that features the Clarinet playing traditional music (the other being Andy Lamy). Richard’s CD features tunes from Ireland, Scotland, Sweden, Cape Breton, England and Shetland. Richard has been playing traditional music on the clarinet for many years, and is based in Lancaster. I don’t think the Richard Robinson in the link is the same person!

Richard Robinson with Tony Cooke - It’s an Ill Wind …

2018 album.

Available at Bandcamp:

Some liner notes from Bandcamp.

Swedish Tune / Skeppar Schottis:
Two tunes from Jämtland, in the middle of Sweden. The second title translates as "the Skipper", and is said to mark the occasion when his boat sank. The first tune could be a version of "Soldier’s Joy", if something odd had happened to the soldier.

The Last of the Light (R. Robinson composition):
On the ferry south from Orkney, on a clear midsummer midnight, you can see that the sun is just below the northern horizon, seeming to disappear as you move away from it.

Ian Green of Greentrax / Break Yer Bass Drone (G. Duncan compositions):
Gordon Duncan made some fantastic tunes, mostly for highland bagpipe. These are only two of them.

Lapp​-​Nils’ Favourite / Polska in G:
Two more tunes from Jämtland. Polska is the dance these tunes are for.

The Walled Garden (Andy Cutting composition) / Lyckovals (Ellika Frisell composition):
A pair of waltzes, from England and Sweden.

Da Sooth End / Donald Ian Rankin / My Dungannon Sweetheart (Graham Townsend composition) / Calliope House (Dave Richardson composition):
Jigs, from Shetland, Cape Breton (twice) and Britain. I put them together like this because I think the key changes are fun.

Redesdale Hornpipe (James Hill composition) / The Rowley Burn (J​.​F. Charlton composition):
Two Northumbrian hornpipes.

The Otter’s Holt (Junior Crehan) / The Burn Of Finnigirt:
Two reels, from Ireland and Shetland

Klarinettpolska / Polska Efter Ante Falk:
Another pair of Jämtland polskas. I love them. And it’s nice that
there’s a tune for my instrument.

Two Morris Tunes And A Sønderhoning:
Picking Up Sticks, and The Quaker. The third tune comes from Sønderho, on the island of Fanø, just off the Danish coast by Esbjerg.

Tilley Plump / Come Again, You’re Welcome:
A pair of Shetland reels.

Da Slockit Light / Da Road To Houll / Da Hamefarers (T. Anderson, all compositions):
All three tunes by Dr. Tom Anderson of Shetland. My local session has fallen into the habit of playing this set to end the evening, every week.