By Natalie MacMaster

  1. Father John Angus Rankin
    The Golden Keyboard
    Mary Shannon’s
  2. The Golden Eagle
    Never Was Piping So Gay
    History With Hannah
  3. Morning Galliano
  4. Professor Blackie
  5. Patricia Kelso’s
  6. Jimmy Duffy’s
    Shenandoah Falls
  7. Killicrankie
    Welcome To Your Feet Again
    Rothiemurchus Rant
    Auld Stewarts Of Fothergill
    Married Behind The Bar
    Blind Nora O’Nell
  8. Gordon Graham’s Favorite
    Gray’s Second Change
    Miss Anderson
  9. Miss Grace Campbell
    Judy’s Dance
  10. Planxty Hewlett
    Lauchie MacDougall
  11. Glasgow House
    Cawdor Fair
    Harvey Beaton
    Editor’s Favourite
    Gordon Coté
    The Way To Mull River
    Put Me In The Big Chest
  12. I Can’t Make You Love Me (song)

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Natalie MacMaster - Sketches

2019 album.

Don’t yet have the liner notes, and cannot yet find them online. Have filled in the tune names which could be found on various album reviews.

If anyone knows more of the tunes, or, has the liner notes, please do make the necessary adjustments.

On this album:
- Natalie MacMaster (fiddle)
- Tim Edey (guitar/accordion)
- Frank Evans (banjo)
- Stuart Cameron (guitar, son of John Allan Cameron)
- And perhaps others

Some tune composer information:
- Lauchie MacDougall (Natalie MacMaster)
- Judy’s Dance (Natalie MacMaster, named after a friend)
- Morning Galliano (Natalie MacMaster & Tim Edey, named after French accordionist Richard Galliano)
- Mary Shannon’s Reel (Natalie MacMaster)

Various reviews and news articles:

A few of which say this of the “Tribute to John Allen” set. It was put together in honour of her cousin, John Allen Cameron, who played the 12-string guitar. His son, Stuart, guests on the track, playing his late father’s guitar. The set kicks off with a tune Natalie learned from John, and is followed by several reels and strathspeys, featuring tunes composed by both Jerry Holland and John Morris Rankin, who also had a kinship to John and her uncle Buddy MacMaster.

Re: Sketches

Hi. I’ve been looking out for this album, but am quite surprised that it’s not yet available digitally because most, if not all, her other albums are.

Re: Sketches

It’s on iTunes, at least here in Canada.

Re: Sketches

Good to know it’s on there in Canada. Strange, though: usually if an album is on iTunes the site will automatically link to it.

Re: Sketches

Oh, looks like it’s also availabe here in the US too.
If I ever am curious about electronic versions of albums on The Session, I’ve always gone by whether I can see the iTunes link. Still not sure why it didn’t show this time.

Re: Sketches

you can listen to Sketches on spotify

Re: Sketches

I’ve filled in some gaps in Track 11 but don’t know the second strathspey or the second reel.

Re: Sketches

Found the rest on Alan Snyder’s Cape Breton Fiddle Recording Index.

Re: Sketches

I haven’t had a chance to listen to this yet, but tune 11B which you’ve mentioned, “Cawdor Fair” is a great strathspey. I like it because it suddenly just goes up on the B part. My favorite recording of it is on the track “Highland Plaid” on the Blazin’ Fiddles live album.