One Day :: November Woods

By Ryan Molloy and Fergal Scahill

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Re: One Day :: November Woods

Really lovely fiddle and piano playing!

It’s available from Bandcamp:

Here’s the story from Ryan Molloy:

"One (different) day, on a fine summery afternoon in East Clare, Fergal and I recorded a video for Fergal’s ‘Tune A Day 2019’ and went our separate ways, having duly got stuck into poor Rosemary Lane and the Poll Ha’penny, amongst others. The following day, we read many lovely responses from people watching the video, enquiring when we were going to do an album, so I jokingly texted Fergal, “Here, I suppose we should do another album, whatwhat? A simple fiddle & piano ditty. One-day thing. What say you?”. The reply quickly came, “Yes.” (Fergal is efficient, if nothing else). I wrote back, somewhat tongue-in-cheek, saying “Excellent. That’s that sorted then”, to which I got a reply from Fergal that may have been half-serious, or half-joking (always hard to tell with that fella), “Cool. Let’s never speak of it again.” And that was it.
So, all in one day, in the beautifully autumnal surrounds of East Clare, we sat in Fergal & Ruth’s living room and recorded the music on this album, pushing the boundaries of our friendly frolics amidst hailstones, rainbows, many cups of coffee, and some hastily written tunes. It may be a cliché but we hope you enjoy it as much as we did."