The First Ten Years: 1986 - 1995

By Altan

  1. Pretty Peg
    New Ships A-Sailing
    The Bird’s Nest
    The Man From Bundoran
  2. Andy De Jarlis
    Mrs. McGhee
  3. Ceol A’Phíobaire
  4. The Wedding
    Hiudaí Gallagher’s March
    James Byrne’s
    Mickey Doherty’s
    Grania’s Welcome Home
  5. Donal Agus Morag
    The New-Rigged Ship
  6. Tommy Bhetty’s
  7. The Fermanagh Highland
    The Donegal Highland
    Johnny Doherty’s
    The King’s
  8. An Feochán
  9. The Cat That Ate The Candle
    Over The Water To Bessie
    Dandy Dinny Cronin
  10. Bríd Óg Ní Mháille
  11. Drowsy Maggie
    Rakish Paddy
    Harvest Storm
  12. Cití Na Gcumann
  13. Tommy Peoples’
    The Windmill
    Fintan McManus’s
  14. Dobbin’s Flowery Vale
    The Drogheda Lasses

Four comments

Track #4

The link on this one is incorrect. This is the Wedding Jig not the Reel. So if you are looking for this one do the search under the tunes section and you’ll find it.


Track missing from list

There is acutally 15 tracks on this recording. Track #9 on the CD which is , "Mazurka", is not listed. Anybody know a name for this tune?

The cat that ate the candle

"the cat that ate the candle" on the CD is a reel, not a jig…as it’s listed on this site…