A Mile To Ride

By High Level Ranters

  1. Nae Good Luck
    Charlie Hunter
  2. Cold And Raw (song)
  3. The Beeswing
    Archie Menzies
  4. The Border Widow’s Lament
  5. A Mile To Ride
    Jockey Lay Up In The Hayloft
  6. Shoemaker
  7. The Shepherd’s Life
  8. A U Me Hinny Bird
  9. Newcastle
  10. Long Lankin
  11. Gillan The Drover
    Niel Gow’s Wife
  12. The Dark Island
    The Laird Of Drumblair
    Angus Campbell

One comment

Re: A Mile To Ride

I received this record for Christmas from Discogs and really enjoy it. It was released in 1973: Discogs says by Trailer records, but my copy says Leader Sound LTD, so I’m guessing Bill Leader recorded it. My favorite track is track 8, "A U Me Hinny Bird." I put "song" after the title in track 2 so as not to confuse it with the "Cold and Raw" jig.