The Gathering

By Various Artists

  1. Law Dee At De
  2. Mrs. Hamilton Of Pitcaithland
    Gan Ainm
    Lord McDonald’s
  3. Horseshoe Harbour
    Christy Barry’s
    Mrs. Heidi Hendy
  4. The Sandymount
    Gan Ainm
  5. Lucy Campbell’s
    The Fermoy Lasses
  6. The Last Chance
    The Venus
  7. Reel Du Pendu
    The Hangman’s
  8. The Kildare Fancy
    The Golden Eagle
    The Sweep’s
  9. Lafferty’s
    The Star Of Munster
  10. L’Air Du Menuisier
    Kolo Stala Vlajna
  11. Valse Clog
  12. Green Brechans Of Branton
    Peacock’s March
    I Saw My Love Come Passing By Me
  13. Rathlin Island
  14. Braes Of Mar
    Jenny Dang The Weaver
    Miss Girdle
    Tail Toddle
  15. Canto De Afiador
  16. Jig Jazz

Three comments

Concert Series

This album presents music from the 1995 Cork University Traditional Music Festival. This same festival series (known as Eigse na Laoi) has produced at least one other fantastic recording: "Dear Old Erin’s Isle" (1992). According to that CD’s liner notes, the festivals have followed the themes "Fiddlesticks" (1991), "Dear Old Erin’s Isle" (1992), "Cape Breton Island" (1993), "Across the Waters" (1994), and "The Gathering" (1995). Anyone know of any other albums to come out of the festivals, or what’s happened to the festivals since 1995?

The Gathering

For those interested, here’s a list of who’s playing:

1.: Spence’s Reel/Lay Dee At De/Ferry Reel - Deyell, John Robert & Kathryn Tickell/Alisdair Fraser
2.: Mrs Hamilton Of Pitcaithland/Untitled/Lord MacDonald’s Reel - Moore, Hamish
3.: Horseshoe Harbour/Mrs Heidi Hendy/Christy Barry’s - Cutting, Andy
4.: Untitled/Sandy Mount - Keegan, Niall
5.: Lucy Campbell’s/The Fermoy Lasses - Hayes, Martin & Brendan McGlinchey
6.: Last Chance/Venus Jig - Molard, Patrick
7.: Reel Du Pendu/Hangman’s Reel - Schryer, Pierre
8.: Kildare Fancy/Golden Eagle/The Sweep’s Hornpipe - Derrane, Joe
9.: Lafferty’s/Grogan’s/The Star Munster - Hayes, Martin
10.: Kolo Stala Vlajna/L’air Du Menuisier - Veillon, Jean-Michel
11.: Valse Clog - Ouellet, Raynald & Pierre Schryer
12.: Green Brechans Of Branton/Peacocks March/I Saw My Love - Tickell, Kathryn
13.: Rathlin Island - Mulvihill, Brendan
14.: Tail Toddle/Miss Girdle/Jenny Dang The Weaver/Braes Of Ma - Fraser, Alisdair & Hamish Moore
15.: Huriondo/Canto De Afiador - Nunez, Carlos
16.: Jig Jazz - Power, Brendan & Andy Cutting/Karen Tweed