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"Some or all of these musicians were probably with the group for the album (https://www.discogs.com/artist/1673862-The-Buskers ):
- Brendan Leeson
- Davey Arthur
- George Furey
- Ian Fairbairn
- Paul Furey"

No they weren’t. The title of the recording is "Buskers", not "THE Buskers", who started off as a trio based in Edinburgh in the 1970s. "Kilshannig", and "The Buskers" are two entirely different bands. None of the musicians you have listed above have anything to do with "Kilshannig".
You should perhaps do a bit more research before posting misinformation like this.


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Re: Buskers

I did make several attempts to find information on the album on the internet. Discogs led me astray, and I indicated that my information might not be accurate with my choice of language.

Anyways, thanks for the correction.